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Tran Aqua Studios Story

Tran Aqua Studios started within the walls of 979FM Melton radio station in 2003.

I had a small live room an even smaller mix room, a simple eight track recording interface and 24 channel desk and a handful of mics and compressors. Running Cakewalk software I began my journey...

I started by putting bands live to air from the small studio for shows such as "Show Us Your Indies" and "Local Rock Gods".

It was here I learnt my trade recording everything from acoustic solo and duo acts to 16 piece Big Bands and everything else in between.

I started doing Demos, E.P.'s and budget constrained Albums.

With business growing I upgraded to Pro Tools with now 16 track recording possible and a new inline desk the journey continued on with more and more albums, E.P's and Demos. (Check my lists on Artists recorded they are just the ones I remember...)

In 2005 I started working at a very new establishment Musicland where I met up with ASYLUM TV.

At Musicland, for over 9 years I worked as an engineer there recording live shows for Musicland and Asylum TV. Doing all the Post Production at Tran Aqua Studios

From 2005 onward I became ASYLUM TV's recording and post production engineer. Working with an amazing team of passionate loyal people who I call dear friends, Pete Lizzzy, Brendan, Jeremy and the rest of the team, they have done their best to look after me and allow me to pursue what I love to do best.

Recording 3 Sundbury Backroad Festivals along with 2 Federation Square concerts for HEP C awareness as well as many Pubs and Clubs along the way. Too many to remember frankly...

I had the privilege of recording some of the great Australian musicians from the seventies and eighties along with an outstanding number new and seasoned artists / bands from all over Melbourne and Interstate.

In 2010 ASYLUM TV won best Music Show Award at Ch 31 awards show. And Held it till 2014.

In 2012 I sadly had to close Tran Aqua Studios as a studio due to the fact that Mowbray College, where the studio was situated with the radio station had run up a 25+ million dollar dept and the bank closed the school. Hence everyone on the property had to leave.

Sadly the radio station were in such a hurry to find accommodation they built a radio station facility with no accommodation for the recording studio. Thus ended Tran Aqua Studios life with 979fm.

Work had disappeared for ASYLUM TV due to the threat of the closure of CH 31 and a parting of ways with Musicland, for a while all was quiet...

I was still doing post production for Musicland at home in a very small mix studio.

Then in 2014 I stopped getting work from Musicland and when I did some research I found out the my work had dried up due to some 'person' who was doing mixes for them for $50 a 45min set mix!!! Undercutting me in price! (And my price had been driven down low already for a full 45min set recording) But without meaning to sound cocky, it did not have the quality.

Anyway that was a parting of ways from Musicland for the meantime.

Tran Aqua Studios had ceased to exist for a few years...

In 2017 I started to study my craft again.

Armed with a new bag of tricks and skills I opened up Tran Aqua Studios again but as an online Post Production Studio where people can send their music to be mixed and produced. I also offer location based recording, wherever you want to record I will be there!!!

Work has been a bit slow as I adapted to this new way of doing things but it is picking up thanks to some loyal musicians bringing their work to me. Bands and artists like PHISHA, Radio 88, Ian Oddy Quartet and David Stonehouse.

2018 saw the work coming in again for ASYLUM TV which was a wonderful thing to see and be a part of.

ASYLUM TV has been a huge part of my engineering journey and a team of people that I hold very dear to me.

2019 is shaping up to be a cracker with work flowing nicely, an album for PHISHA on the way. ASYLUM TV back to it's old self promoting Australian original music in it's 19th year!

And what other adventures await for Tran Aqua Studios?

I wait with baited breath....

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