Tran - Aqua Studios

Post  - Production Mixing

Specs for recordings are:

  • Files format either WAV. or AIFF.

  • File rates 24 Bit/48 kHz or 16 Bit/44.1 kHz. or 24 Bit/96kHz (24 Bit/48 kHz preferred.)

  • If sending wav. files make sure that all files are fully consolidated to the same length.

  • Print/render any effects you want permanently involved in the song. (You must be 100% committed to those effects as I can't change them and maybe send un-rendered versions with files.)

  • Send files either by post ( you will receive address up on booking) or as a zipped file via email/dropbox/Google Drive. Use either small back up drive or usb stick. (Drives and usb's will be returned with finished product)

Sound Mixing
  • Print midi tracks as wave files within your session.

  • Make sure Pro Tools, Reaper or Studio 1 sessions contain the exact files for the song. Separate Folders for each song unless it is a live performance and was recorded in one pass.

  • Make sure that any pitch or timing correction is rendered. 

  • If you wish for me to master your music please provide album title, song titles, song order, ISRC codes (if you have them) and artist information. (Band, Artist, Composer)  

Helpful Information

  • Send a bounce of your mix so far so I can get a feel for your song direction.

  • Write a brief description of some key factors to be focused on in the mixing of the song.

  • Name some or send some songs I can reference against as I mix your song.

  • Mixes of your song will be made available to you via private sound cloud for your approval and song revision.

  • Your music will never be shared on any social networking site without your written approval.

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